ご予約は、当店にお電話または各種SNSでご連絡を頂くか、当サイトのBooking Formからお願い致します。



Please book directly by a phone call , social medias or fill out Booking Form from at bottom of this page.
Please inform us your name, phone number, the name of an appointed girl, time and period when booked.

※When you input booking form after late-night 24:00(12:00AM), a confirmation start of the booking available or not available is after 12:00 at the midday of the next working day.
Please give us time more 1 hour for schedule arrange from our start business time.

如需预订,请致电我们、通过各种社交媒体联系我们,或使用本页底部的Booking Form。 在预订时,请告知我们您的姓名,电话号码,要指定的女孩,服务开始时间和使用时间。


Phone & WhatsApp : +66-994448295
LINE : thanks33bkk
WeChat : Thanksmsg



If you cancel booking or change booking details, please be sure to inform us in advance.


《Booking Form》

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